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Massage Therapy

You will enjoy relaxing with the mix massage packages we have created by the combination of several techniques, performed for the various health problems and stress-related tension.

Scrub & Foam

The sweat excreted by our body contains large amounts of toxic waste. Bad body odor and sticky sweat are the signs of the intensive toxins in the body. It is provided to be removed the harmful toxins from the body through the scrub & foam massage. In consequence of the removal of slough on the skin, the pores are opened and the skin gets bright and revitalization.

Turkish Bath

You will both relieve your tiredness and if you please experience moments of pleasure with your friends in our traditional famous Turkish bath.


Sauna shows therapeutical and supportive effects to the treatment towards the problems concerning our health in many aspects from rheumatism to sleep disturbance, stress, and depressive problems.

Steam Room

The steam bath has been considered to be the simplest way of detox. In this way, the skin pores are opened, millions of sweat glands start to excrete and also the body removes the metabolic substances and other wastes.

Salt Room

The salt room, in which the rock salt creates the same special microclimate conditions with underground salt caves, has effects such as the skin regeneration, antioxidant and anti-aging as well as its stress-relieving features in healthy people.

Doctor Fish

Garra rufa, also known as "Doctor Fish", contacts harmlessly with our body with soft and light mouth strike and eats our slough without making us feel the pain. This fish heals the wounds by the dithranol enzyme in its mouth and also provides a great relief.


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